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Ron Paul Foreign Policy Trounced

By on 1.3.12 | 11:34PM

The Ron Paul Non-Cons have tonight been effectively marginalized.

Whatever else comes out of this Iowa Caucus night, one thing is clear: conservatives -- Reagan conservatives -- triumphed.

The combined vote of Santorum, Gingrich, Bachmann, Perry and even the moderate Mitt Romney swamped Ron Paul's controversial and decidedly non-conservative foreign policy.

As this is written, either Santorum or Romney are first, the other second. Between them that's about 50% of the vote to Ron Paul's 25% or so.

Which clearly means that no matter how Congressman Paul -- a good and decent man with a wildly left-wing foreign policy -- spins the results, his ideas have taken a thorough beating. His candidacy and his controversial foreign policy views have effectively been sent packing.

As well they should. There is nothing remotely historically conservative about Paul's views.

Will the non-conservatives -- the Non-Cons -- behind Mr. Paul vanish? Hardly?

Will they win? Not in Iowa, that much is now crystal clear.

The Non-Con revolt in the cornfields has been husked clean.

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