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Bachmann: First to Worst in Iowa

By on 1.3.12 | 7:58PM

Megyn Kelly at FNC just said that Michele Bachmann will finish last in tonight's Iowa Caucus (Jon Huntsman can't be said to have actually campaigned in Iowa.)

It is a remarkable reversal of fortune. In five months, Bachmann went from winning the Iowa Straw Poll to grasping at straws. Her decline began the moment Rick Perry jumped into the race and she never recovered. Bachmann's staffing issues didn't help her cause either.

Her campaign was something of a paradox. While she did damage against Perry, Cain, Gingrich and Paul in the debates she derived no benefit from her critiques.

I can't see her carrying on from here. Should she drop out I predict she will endorse Romney and be in consideration to be his running mate if he wins the GOP nomination.

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