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Thoughts on Romney’s Tax Returns

By on 12.31.11 | 5:30PM

Yesterday, Matthew Romney (the second eldest son of Mitt Romney) had to apologize yesterday after telling an audience in Concord, New Hampshire on Thursday that his father would release his tax returns "as soon as President Obama releases his grades and his birth certificate."

So now the Romney campaign now has two issues to address - Romney's tax return and the birther nonsense. Apology or not, you can bet the Obama campaign will use this as a cudgel against Romney from here on out. The younger Romney would have been better off only to mention Obama's grades. Come to think of it, he probably shouldn't have said anything at all because at least where it concerns his tax returns, Obama has been forthcoming about releasing them.

Now I think it's entirely reasonable for Romney not to release his tax returns at this point. But if Romney does become the nominee I don't see how he can avoid releasing them. If he doesn't, Obama can argue that Romney has something to hide. Now everybody knows that Romney is rich and Obama is going to use that against him no matter what. So Romney's best bet is to release his tax returns and say, "Hey, I earned this money through hard work and initiative. I created jobs for thousands of people. I have nothing for which to be ashamed."

It will be interesting to see what Romney does with regard to his tax returns if he is nominated.

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