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Jindal Talk Continues

By on 12.26.11 | 12:44PM

I discuss it more fully at CFIF, but it's worth noting that Rich Lowry reports that the "draft Jindal" talk has serious backers among conservative officeholders. In my CFIF post, I explain why this is bad news for Rick Perry (nobody would be talking about drafting his most prominent endorser if they think Perry himself is still viable) and also, in a roundabout way, perhaps good news for the likes of Rick Santorum, who, according both to Jim Antle and to Mike Huckabee and to Dick Morris seems poised for good things in Iowa's voting.

But back to Jindal: If Romney, Gingrich and Paul are the only three of the current candidates to "survive" Iowa, then I think the move to draft the Louisiana governor could pick up steam very, very quickly.

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