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UN Holds Moment of Silence for Kim Jong-Il

By on 12.22.11 | 7:21PM

Here's yet another reason why I don't care for the UN.

Today, the UN General Assembly held a moment of silence for Kim Jong-Il.

Then again when the leaders of Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Zimbabwe see fit to pay tribute to Kim can we really be surprised if the UN follows suit?

Now apparently this moment of silence was requested by the North Korean delegation. Granted many nations boycotted including the United States boycotted the tribute. But it isn't helpful when UN Deputy Secretary General Asha Rose-Migiro when signs a condolence book at North Korea's UN mission nor is it helpful when former President Jimmy Carter extends his condolences to a tyrant. All it does is confer legitimacy upon Kim Jong-Il and gives a boost to Kim Jong-Un.

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