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AIM Broke Ron Paul Manning Story

By on 12.21.11 | 8:59AM

Credit must always go where credit is due. In fact, our friends at Accuracy in Media point out that the You Tube video of Ron Paul which I linked in my story last night was in fact first reported by AIM's Cliff Kinkaid. In our haste to link directly to the original source...the You Tube video....AIM was not mentioned and should have been.

 My intent was to simply let Ron Paul speak for himself as a stand alone and not get into the interpretive business, particularly since I already had a column on the origins of his foreign policy beliefs up at the same time. Please check here to see AIM's take on Mr. Paul and Manning. 

And a word about AIM. They are one of the originals and have a long and honorable history. By all means, if you are not familiar with them, please learn about them here.

Now the question in general. In case you've missed it… this is four days before Christmas. Americans are occupied in things other than politics. (Ya think?) This story about Ron Paul coming up with a robust defense of someone many Americans see a traitor should be a big one. Will we see it again after the holidays as Iowa approaches?

Stay tuned!

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