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Smoking Ron Paul Gun: Part II

By on 12.16.11 | 4:11PM

Our friend Andrew McCarthy from National Review has made a very interesting discovery in the piece I linked to on Ron Paul's newsletters, to which he has kindly alerted me.

If you noticed in the photo images of the Ron Paul Newsletters over at Conservatives News you will see that one of the images clearly shows Ron Paul listed as "editor."

Now move on to this link provided in the story...a link that takes one to a Ron Paul interview
with CNN's Wolf Blitzer on the newsletters. At 2:45 into the interview Blitzer asks about "how did this stuff" (various racist nonsense) get into the newsletter. "Who wrote it?"

To which Ron Paul responds:

"I have no idea. Have you ever heard of a publisher of a magazine not knowing every single thing ....The editor is responsible for the daily activity."

And who is listed in the pictured newsletter as the editor?

That's right: Ron Paul.

Big problem - and growing.

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