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Vanity in Washington: Only Number Eight in the Nation

By on 12.16.11 | 6:08AM

Washington, D.C. is tops in the nation when it comes to hot air and hubris.  But not vanity.  There it only comes in at number eight. 

Reports the Washington Post:

Our women are beautiful. Our men are metrosexual. And, we think other Washingtonians are superficial.

These are the findings of the "Vanity Survey," a nationwide LivingSocial poll that pitted egos against egos to find out which city is America's vainest.

Based on the question, "How good-looking do you think you are?", Washington, D.C., ranked as the eighth vainest city.

Denizens of "the most important city in the most important country in the world," as a bank once advertised, had better get busy.  It is hard to imagine Washington behind on any conceivable measure of self-absorption.

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