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Reagan Admired FDR Too

By on 12.14.11 | 4:53PM

Quin Hillyer's latest salvo against Newt Gingrich concerns his long standing admiration for Franklin Delano Roosevelt. To be precise, he is miffed that Newt called FDR "the greatest President of the 20th Century."

Ah yes, let's place Newt under arrest right away for expressing such heretical thoughts.

Yet I seem to recall that one Ronald Wilson Reagan voted for FDR not once, not twice, not thrice but four times. That's right. Four times!!!

Reagan's admiration for FDR hardly dimmed even as he became America's preeminent conservative voice. At a White House tribute in honor of FDR in 1982, Reagan hailed the 32nd President as "one of history's truly monumental figures," "an American giant, a leader who shaped, inspired, and led our people through perilous times."

Somehow I don't think the Gipper would have faulted Newt for his admiration of FDR.

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