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The Day Ahead Monday, December 12

By on 12.12.11 | 7:39AM

Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maliki will visit the White House and Arlington National Cemetery with President Obama today (Politico)

Gingrich and Huntsman will engage each other in a Lincoln-Douglas style debate today in New Hampshire (BBC)

GOP prepares to vote on "must-pass" spending bills before the end of the year, in contravention of the Pledge to America (Politico)

The Occupy movement will try to shut down West Coast shipping ports today (Mercury News)

One debate moment that will last a while: Romney offering Perry a $10,000 bet:

On the main site:

Why Is Newt Still Rising? by Jed Babbin: For the same reason Mitt Romney continues to sink.

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Religious Liberty's 'Flicker of Progress', by Doug Bandow: Assessing the situation in Burma after the Clinton mission.

Craving Another Great Depression, by Ralph R. Reiland: How else to explain the celebrated Kansas speech?

Kennan, Warts and All, by Michael Johnson: A new biography examines a flawed but brilliant public servant who helped define the Cold War and the Marshall Plan.

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