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Occupy Boston Ends After 70 Days

By on 12.10.11 | 1:28PM

Occupy Boston went out with a whimper as the Boston Police Department swept in early this morning, arrested the remaining 46 occupiers and took down their tents without incident.

The encampment which began on September 30th, thirteen days after Occupy Wall Street began, would last seventy days - ten days longer than the occupation in New York's Zuccotti Park. But the writing was on the wall.

On Wednesday, a superior court judge gave the City of Boston the authority to clear Dewey Square and Mayor Tom Menino subsequently informed occupiers they had until midnight on Thursday to clear out. A majority of the occupiers heeded Menino's edict and were given another 24 hours grace until this morning.

As I have written previously, the main reason the Occupy Boston encampment lasted as long as it did was that they really weren't in anyone's way. The only time they did get in the way is when they would leave Dewey Square to march and sit down in the middle of the street or when they would occupy the Israeli consulate.

Nevertheless, this ongoing occupation did present a public health and sanitary problem they also encroached on the right of everyone else to use the space as it is intended to be used. So this shouldn't have happened in the first place. But with that said Mayor Menino and the Boston Police Department did an exemplary job in ending this peacefully.

As for the Occupy movement itself, I think we will see it re-emerge late in the summer of 2012 at both the Republican National Convention in Tampa and the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. In which case will the Occupiers party like it's 1968?

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