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The Day Ahead: Friday, December 9

By on 12.9.11 | 5:57AM

Sen. Tom Coburn's beard is back (New York Times)

Both Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann have declined the Trump debate invitation, leaving only Gingrich and Santorum (New York Times)

Immortal quote from Jon Corzine during yesterday's hearing on the failure of MF Global: "I simply don't know where the money is" (CNN)

The Supreme Court will take a first look at Arizona's new immigration today (ABC News)

Now leading in the polls, Gingrich is coming under attack from other Republicans and Democrats (Politico)

AG Eric Holder says lying depends on your state of mind during yesterday's Fast and Furious hearing:

The Gospel According To Wright, by Charles C. Johnson: How much of Pastor Jeremiah Wright's race-based "theology" does Barack Obama really share?

Mitt versus Newt, by Ross Kaminsky: When all is said and done, which one is is, for lack of a better word, preferable?

Bad On You, Mr. Obama, by Ben Stein: A few mixed days in Chicago, amid some good thoughts about RN.

Sunni Realignments, by Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi: A New Turkey-Qatar bloc is in the works in the wake of the tumoil in Syria, Libya, and other Islamist hot spots.

Inequality in Perspective, by Ron Ross: Liberal thinking is all we need to know about life's fundamental unfairness.

The NEA's Progressive Turn, by RiShawn Biddle: The NEA's influence over public education remains in decline.

Jihad Brewing in Nigeria, by George H. Wittman: The cost of doing business is quietly going up in this richly commercial country.

Yes, Newt Can! by Jay D. Homnick: He's not named Newt for nothing.

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