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The Day Ahead: Thursday, December 8

By on 12.8.11 | 5:59AM

Vladimir Putin accuses Hillary Clinton of encouraging protests in Russia (Politico)

Chris Christie's pitch for Romney in Iowa: he won't "embarrass" America (Boston Globe)

Newt Gingrich holds double-digit leads over Romney in three of four early primary states (The Hill)

Attorney General Eric Holder will be grilled by Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee about Fast and Furious (Politico)

Senate Republicans are expected to block Richard Cordray's nomination to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau today (Reuters)

House Republicans will release new payroll tax break extension plan today (The Hill)

Former New Jersey governor and Jon Corzine will be brought before the House Agriculture Committee to testify about the collapse of his firm, MF Global (The Hill)

Rick Perry mangles name of influential "Hot Air" blog:

On the main site:

FDR's Class Warfare: A Tutorial For Obama by Burton Folsom, Jr. & Anita Folsom: Not that he needs any further lessons from the master of confiscatory taxation.

Hillary's Surreal State Department, by George Neumayr: She discovers a new global right.

Democrat Economic Illiteracy Has Consequences, by David Catron: Obamaworld's breathtaking ignorance about "the dismal science" is dangerous.

ACORN Visits Obama White House, by Matthew Vadum: New evidence also reveals that it lobbies the Justice Department to prevent voter fraud enforcement.

Republicans Are Losing the Tax Debate, by R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.: What prevents them to make the Reaganite case for what demonstrably works?

Major League Sinners, by Ben Stein: The view from the street and the TV studio.

Village People, by Christopher Orlet: Time to rethink the wisdom of withholding judgment.

Melancholia, by James Bowman: More clowning around from the obnoxious Lars von Trier. 

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