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Thoughts on Ron Paul & The Republican Jewish Coalition

By on 12.6.11 | 3:11PM

Like Jeff Lord, I don't care much for Ron Paul's foreign policy nor do I care for the anti-Semitic inclinations of some of his followers.

With that said, I do concur with Lord that the Republican Jewish Coalition (of which I have been a member) erred in not inviting Paul to its GOP Presidential Candidates Forum, which is scheduled to take place tomorrow in Washington, D.C.

RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks argues that inviting Paul would be akin to inviting President Obama to speak. I say that's fine. It would have been a welcome opportunity for Jewish Republicans to confront Paul about his anti-Israel views and put him on the defensive by likening him to President Obama. It is one of those instances in which free speech should be countered by more free speech. Besides it would have been fun to watch Paul squirm.

Of course, all of this assumes that Paul would have accepted their invitation had the RJC chosen to extend it. But if Paul had declined to attend, the RJC could say, "See, we invited him and he wanted no part of us."

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