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My Takes on Romney

By on 12.6.11 | 1:52PM

To answer commenters about my thoughts on Romney, well, here. And here. And here. And here. And this. Hardly the words of a fan.

And here I criticize the other candidates for not effectively blasting Romney:

[I]t's worth noting that it was odd that everybody let Romney skate on everything Monday night, from Romneycare to abortion to Romney's utterly ill-informed and leftist acceptance of global warming mythology. As a conservative, Romney's authenticity rates somewhere between that of Egg Beaters and that of the Great and Powerful Oz....It doesn't matter one bit if Mitt Romney's "individual mandate" was imposed by a state instead of by the feds; either way, a government forcing people to buy a product the person doesn't want, just by virtue of living and breathing within the government's jurisdiction, is a government without any real limits whatsoever. Tyranny is tyranny at any level. By Romney's logic, it would be better still if your local township, rather than the state, could send police to oversee you filling out your insurance application and writing the check. Next stop: SWAT teams to escort you to the hardware store to buy widgets.

On the other hand, for the sake of accuracy, I went back and checked my own claim that I have been opposing Romney for five years. As it turns out, I was effectively neutral toward Romney four years ago, spending most of my fire against Huckabee and McCain while saying far more nice than not about Fred Thompson and Duncan Hunter and James Gilmore. I consistently rated ROmney in the middle of the pack in debate performances, and neither blasted him nor praised him much on issues. I DO remember being angry with Romney's explanation of Romneycare's individual mandate at an off-the-record dinner, but as it was off-the-record, I wrote nothing on it then, nor can I rightfully report now about what I remember he said, except that I didn't like it -- and that, based on what I have written this year about Romney's mandate, one can imagine that my objections then and his comments then were probably rather similar to what we are hearing today.

For the record, my candidate for president is Mike Pence. But he's not running.

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