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Ron Santo’s Bittersweet Hall of Fame Election

By on 12.5.11 | 4:30PM

At long last, Ron Santo is going to Cooperstown. Today, at MLB's Winter Meetings in Dallas, the "Golden Era" Veterans Committee finally elected the legendary Chicago Cubs third baseman to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

The only problem is that Santo won't be giving an acceptance speech next summer. Santo's ascension comes just over a year after he passed away. On December 3, 2010, Santo died of complications of bladder cancer and diabetes at the age of 70.

Yes, Santo's family is happy and they will get to enjoy his day in the sun. But shame on both the Baseball Writers Association of America (BBWAA) and earlier incarnations of the Veterans Committee for not accepting Santo and not having the wisdom to welcome him to his rightful place amongst the greatest to grace the hottest corner of our baseball fields.

Well, one can only hope that Ron Santo is somewhere in heaven clicking his heels.

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