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Cuccinelli Not Sold on Romney, Gingrich

By on 12.5.11 | 1:01PM

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli came away from this weekend's Huckabee presidential forum, mentioned by Aaron, unimpressed with Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney.

Of Gingrich, Cuccinelli, one of three attorney generals to lob questions at the forum, said after the event: "My benchmark was I want to leave with comfort that each of these six candidates is going to be a limited government conservative president. And despite pressing Newt Gingrich several times, I didn't get that. I did not get that. We could have another compassionate conservative on our hands. I did not get that commitment."

And of Romney: "I don't see a lot of distance there between him and the president."

Cuccinelli repeated those criticisms in subsequent interviews, calling Romneycare "Obamacare light" and saying that "elements" of Gingrich's congressional record are "anything but conservative." The Virginia attorney general is a leader in the legal fight against Obamacare and recently announced he will be running for governor. Cuccinelli was widely praised for his role in the Huckabee forum.

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