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Panetta Goes All MSNBC on Israel

By on 12.4.11 | 2:09AM

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta is at it again where it concerns Israel.

On Friday, during a speech before the Brookings Institution in Washington, Panetta went all MSNBC on Israel. To be precise, Panetta stated that Israel needed to "lean forward" to achieve peace with the Palestinians. He also demanded that Israel to "just get to the damned table" and to "reach out and mend fences" with Egypt, Turkey and Jordan.

This isn't the first time Panetta has publicly bashed Israel. Two months ago, while he was en route to the Middle East, Panetta made similar comments. Well, since Panetta is reiterating what he said two months ago, I shall do the same. Let me do so with four questions.

Why is the Obama Administration placing the onus solely on Israel to reach out and mend fences?

Why isn't the Obama Administration chastising Egypt for allowing the Israeli Embassy to be attacked?

Why isn't the Obama Administration taking Turkey to task for sponsoring flotillas against the Israeli naval blockade of Gaza?

Why isn't the Obama Administration bringing any pressure to bear against the Palestinian Authority for kissing and making up with Hamas? The last I checked the State Department listed Hamas as a terrorist organization.

Quite frankly, President Obama has only himself to blame for stalled peace talks when he began making demands with regard to the construction of housing in Jerusalem even the Palestinian Authority wasn't making. The Palestinians took a harder line because of Obama.

Speaking of Obama, it is interesting to see him assuaging Jewish Democrats that he's done more for Israel's security than any previous administration while leaving it to the likes of Panetta and Howard Gutman, an Obama fundraiser who currently serves as our Ambassador to Belgium, to do his dirty work. President Obama is running for re-election after all and can't afford to directly alienate Jewish voters than he has already.

Gutman is under fire for blaming Israel for Muslim anti-Semitism at a conference in Brussels on anti-Semitism earlier this week. Newt Gingrich has called upon President Obama to fire Gutman but don't count on it. Gutman, like Panetta, are merely surrogates through whom President Obama can convey his contempt for Israel.

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