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Searching for Harriet Miers

By on 10.24.05 | 9:59AM

John Fund's been doing just that: searching for the White House rationale, the vetting process, or anyone -- anyone -- who has ever spoken with Harriet Miers about politics or judicial philosophy.

Also, Andy Card is running for the hills on his role in the David Souter selection in the Bush 41 White House. Since he clearly played such a role as deputy to chief of staff John Sununu, his Souter denials cast into doubt his denial of his role in the Miers selection, as reported by the Prowler.

Fund is in the Tabin camp: Miers won't be on the court.

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More Myth

By on 10.24.05 | 9:36AM

The L.A. Times this morning here really embarrasses itself in the coverage of the Joe Wilson Scandal, but by now, this is not news.

In attacking Vice President Cheney's chief of staff, Lewis Libby, the Times goes out of its way to make him appear paranoid and petty for wanting to hit back at former ambassador and Sen. John Kerry "adviser" Joe Wilson.

Three particular points left out of the L.A. Times piece indicate the reporter and the editors involved in this story are willfully deceiving their readers.

First, Wilson went public with an op-ed in the N.Y. Times that created the impression that the White House and Cheney's office had asked Wilson to make his ill-fated trip to Niger to investigate alleged purchases there of yellow cake uranium by Iraqi agents. That was not true, and the L.A. Times doesn't bother with these facts, and in fact reinforces the inaccurate impression.

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Peacoholics FLY at Redskins?

By on 10.23.05 | 3:32PM

Well, we're ahead 42-7 in the third quarter, and it looks like not even the Redskins can blow this lead. Poor SF. But poor Redskins. According to the WaPo, two anti-gun crank groups -- Peacoholics and FLY -- whomever they may be, not that we care -- are bashing the Skins for cooperating with the NRA in a charity event that (shudder) involves guns. Tuesday, a few of the Skins are going to shoot sporting clays. Horrors, say the anti-gun crowd. At a time the NRA is lobbying to repeal the DC's gun laws (which do nothing other than ensure that law-abiding citizens are the only people who don't have guns) the Skins are collaborating with the evil NRA? I'm shocked, shocked. And disappointed I can't make it for the shoot. Lock and load, fellas.

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Re: Will’s Dud Nuke

By on 10.23.05 | 12:12PM

Jed is so right. I've read George Will's hotly hyped Sunday column several times now, and it's worse than a dud. Maybe it's the drippy, rainy weather we've had here, but I can't cut through the foggy posturing to figure out what his larger point really is. Let me get my towel out and dry his text off.

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A Prediction

By on 10.23.05 | 11:03AM

Official Washington buzzes with the prediction Karl Rove will be indicted this week. Now is a good time to buck the buzz and predict he will not.

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By on 10.22.05 | 8:15PM

MSNBC, Chris Matthews, and other MSM outlets have been having way too much fun at the expense of Karl Rove and others enmeshed in the mess brought on by the lies of former ambassador Joe Wilson.

On Friday, "Hardball" featured a breathless report about the possible huge shakeups at the White House were Rove and others forced to step aside to clear their good names. But in reality, Rove and others have been looking for a major shakeup before much of what is spinning out right now began to really take shape.

"There has been a sense now for more than six weeks that things have hit a wall," says an outside consultant who works with the White House. "The Roberts nomination put a lot of those thoughts on the backburner, but Rove has studied enough history to understand the pitfalls of a second-term President, and many of them are unavoidable. I think he believed some staff rollover would help with some of that."

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More to Come Part Duh

By on 10.22.05 | 8:04PM

We're hearing the next big story to drop will do to Miers' reputation for competency what today's Post piece does in raising questions about her stand on important issues.

There has been much talk across the blogosphere today about the Washington Times report that the White House has begun laying out contingency plans should the Miers nomination be pulled back. We're getting major pushback on that report from our sources inside the White House.

"Miers was in meetings late Friday and made it clear that she's ready to move ahead," says a White House source. "She knew the Washington Post story was coming and is prepared to discuss it with Senators should the one-on-one meetings begin again."

Another White House source says that if there is chatter about withdrawing the nomination, it's chatter among mid-level staffers who are just feeling the pressure from outside forces like the media and their conservative friends.

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More Miered Miers

By on 10.22.05 | 5:59PM

There has been a lot of talk about how poorly SCOTUS nominee Harriet Miers performed in her private meetings. One U.S. Senator who met with her early in the process says he asked her what he considered to be the easiest question she will get throughout the whole confirmation process: "Why do you want to serve on the United States Supreme Court?"

Miers' response was what the Senator called, "Something you'd expect from a Miss America contestant." The poor performance prompted the Senator to meet with Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter, who passed along the Senator's concerns to the White House.

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More to come …

By on 10.22.05 | 5:51PM

The Washington Post report on SCOTUS nominee Harriet Miers' apparently shifting position on diversity issues is but the first of what we are hearing are several stories to break on various issues in the coming days.

Another one popped earlier today regarding any lack of clarity on what Miers' original denomination of faith might have been.

In and of itself, that is not a big thing, but the discrepencies and new questions are now piling up at a quick clip. "What is now clear is that that she simply was not vetted properly," says a Judiciary Committee staffer on the Democratic side. "We've been quiet, but Senator Leahy took out muzzle off on Thursday. We're getting into this now."

Problem is, and this may be a bigger problem for the White House to explain, multiple White House sources insist that Miers was vetted. "What you're seeing are writings and short articles that slipped through the process. That happens all the time," a White House staffer told us earlier today. "Miers told us she was raised a Catholic. What do you want us to do? It's not the kind of thing you put a person through the ringer over."

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Will’s Dud Nuke

By on 10.22.05 | 4:27PM

George Will's Sunday column on the Miers nomination -- hyped as a disapproval of Miers in the manner that Sitting Bull disapproved of Custer -- is, of course, out a day early. Though Will scores a number of points, the column won't damage Miers as much as it will damage the debate on her. Though his points are compelling, they are stated before conclusions that are, in turn, petulant, condescending and threatening. And the solution Will proposes -- though theoretically sound -- is stated in terms that can be used by the Dems to destroy one of the most important limits on the confirmation process.

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