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Ron Paul’s Serial Hypocrisy

By on 12.2.11 | 9:17AM

It's always amazing that there are those who think by boldly accusing others of X, the fact that the accuser is a repeat offender who does X habitually will somehow go unnoticed.

The latest example of this is the Ron Paul attack on Newt Gingrich for what Paul calls "serial hypocrisy." The essence of the attack, as seen in this much-noted Paul web commercial here, is that Newt is a hypocrite, saying one thing publicly while profiting from doing the opposite.

Whoa! This is Ron Paul saying this?

Congressman Paul has made much of his opposition to Washington "special interests." But when it comes to funding his political career --where has Congressman Paul gone? 

Yes indeed. Hat in hand -- and hand out -- Paul is not a whit different from Newt Gingrich.

Take a spin through these contributions Paul has taken over the years as formally listed by the Federal Elections Commission here.

Interesting, no? Talk about political profiteering! Right there in black and white candidate Ron Paul is recorded as taking money from the Bigs.

The Bigs? Yes, the Bigs:

Big Insurance
Big Banking
Big Medicine
Big Financial Services
Big Beer

And so on and on and on and on through every Big Money special interest out there. Ron Paul takes money from the Builders and Contractors, from AFLAC, from AT&T, from milk producers and Bank of America and… well… take a gander at the very long list yourself.

Now, it needs to be said. There is nothing "wrong" with this. This is the system. And if the pitch is to change the system -- fine and dandy. But for Ron Paul to accuse Newt Gingrich of "serial hypocrisy" while campaigning as Mr. Outsider Who Fights the Establishment -- when in fact Congressman Paul -- Mr. Outsider Who Fights the Establishment -- is in reality the Congressman Paul the Mr. Insider Who Takes The Big Money From The Establishment… that is clearly the mark of… well…

What this Ron Paul Gingrich commercial does, surely unintentionally, is call considerable attention to the fact that no less than Ron Paul himself has been caught with his hands in The Establishment cookie jar. You might call this a case of…

Serial hypocrisy.

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