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The Day Ahead: Thursday, December 1

By on 12.1.11 | 7:45AM

Virginia AG Ken Cuccinelli intends to run for governor (Politico)

Gary Johnson contemplates a run on the Libertarian Party ticket (Politico)

Hillary Clinton pushes reforms in Myanmar (AP)

HUD secretary Shaun Donovan to announce that the FHA will require a massive bailout (Chad Pergram)

Senate Republicans unveil payroll tax cut plan (CNN)

"Bin Laden Bread" a popular treat in Malawi (CNN)

Paul Ryan and Chris Van Hollen work together on earmark reform:

On the main site:

Mad Mitt, by George Neumayr: Where did his unflappability go?

Tough Nuts Roasting Under Friendly Fire, by Thirsty McWormwood: Business at this suburban Washington, D.C. company has been great -- but what if Congress cuts back on the spending that made it all possible?

Barney Shuffles Off, by R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.: How did a once promising pol end up so dissolute?

The Ever-Worse Establishment Media, by Quin Hillyer: Once again, the Media Research Center identifies the real haters.

Crime Doesn't Pay, by Christopher Orlet: Lower crime rates: It's not the economy, stupid!

The Democrats Find Machiavelli, by John H. Chettle: That's what happens when you think you have a Prince for a president.

A Work in Progress, by Gerald J. Russello: The great Jacquez Barzun turned 105 yesterday.

The Man Nobody Knew: In Search of My Father, CIA Spymaster William Colby, by James Bowman: A son betrays his father to the prevailing media consensus.

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