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Man Up, Mitt

By on 11.30.11 | 10:26PM

Mitt Romney had a somewhat testy exchange over health care policy with Bret Baier in an interview on Fox News last night (as Aaron noted this morning). The interview itself actually didn't strike me as that big a deal, but Romney's off-camera reaction, as recounted by Baier on Bill O'Reilly's show, was apparently pretty absurd:

"How'd you know he was irritated?" O'Reilly asked. "Did he slap you, or what'd he do?"

"Well, he just made it clear at the end of the interview," Baier responded, later adding that Romney had thought the interview was "overly aggressive."

"Wow," said a rather surprised O'Reilly.

"As we were walking in the ‘walk and talk,'" Baier continued, "and then after we finished, he went to his holding room and then came back and said he didn't like the interview and thought it was uncalled for."

Nothing that Baier asked was remotely uncalled for. Indeed, Romney can expect to face questions about his support for an individual mandate in Massachusetts pretty much every day for the rest of the campaign. If those questions are getting under his skin, he'd better grow a thicker skin ASAP.

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