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The Day Ahead: Wednesday, November 30

By on 11.30.11 | 8:30AM

President Obama will travel to Scranton to promote the payroll tax cut extension (USA Today)

A new poll has Newt Gingrich far ahead in Florida (Florida Times-Union)

Police in L.A. and Philadelphia clear Occupy camps (CNN)

The New York Times has a piece trying to show that Gingrich was a lobbyist, not just a consultant.

The administration has launched a campaign to crack down on counterfeit goods (CNN)

Mitt Romney went on Bret Baier's show last night, and got called out for having the same immigration stance as Gingrich:

On the main site:

Is Vegas Burning? by Andrew B. Wilson: Can Sin City survive without the gift of free water?

Ambush Election Prevention, by Ivan Osorio & F. Vincent Vernuccio: The House votes to prevent the Obama NLRB's latest pro-union power grab.

A Mack by Any Other Name, by Larry Thornberry: Is the now officially running U.S. Senate candidate Connie Mack IV a genuine conservative champion -- or simply the beneficiary of good name recognition?

Entitlement Reform Revolution, by Peter Ferrara: Newt Gingrich has proposed the most cutting-edge solution to our fiscal crisis.

A Federal Black Friday, by Iain Murray: Raising taxes is not the only way big government could raise revenue.

Vice Economics, by Bill Croke:  Playing the lottery could use some perspective.

Two Cheers for The World According to Cheney, by Aram Bakshian, Jr.: There's no giving up on Dick Cheney.

Anonymous, by James Bowman: Who wrote Shakespeare's plays? The latest in idiot fantasy at the movies.

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