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Re: Newt and Individual Mandate

By on 11.29.11 | 4:10PM

Thanks to Joe for posting this latest example of Gingrich's utter disdain for real individual liberty. The way I have described it, Republicans/conservatives considering voting for Gingrich are showing a massive case of collective amnesia or, worse, a massive procilivity to (political) suicide that is so strong that they may as well OD on pills, stand at the top edge of a 1,000-foot building, and fire a gun at themselves, just to make sure that if one method of suicide doesn't work another one will. As an observer of politics, from a purely neutral standpoint, Gingrich's rise in the polls is astonishing, especially in a year when Republicans are supposedly absolutely desperate for a winner above all else -- for somebody who can beat Obama, regardless of philosophical purity. How can a guy who absolutely imploded the only time he was in power, a guy around whom Bill Clinton ran rings, a guy who can't keep himself from absurdly grandiose statements and from major verbal gaffes at least every six months (MAJOR, not just minor), possibly be expected to defeat Obama?

I myself could hold my own with Gingrich in a debate, with no preparation at all -- and I'm a nobody. It's been easy for him to shine in debates when there are seven other candidates on stage and he was considered such an also-ran that not a single person ever challenged, much less attacked, him until Michele Bachmann finally started to take him on regarding immigration. But one on one, he would be extremely vulnerable, and again, even I could hold my own with him. The arrogance, and wrongheadedness, on display in the video posted by Joe will come through in a one-on-one debate.

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