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The Day Ahead: Tuesday, November 29

By on 11.29.11 | 7:49AM

President Obama will meet with Mark Rutte, the prime minister of the Netherlands, in the Oval Office (Politico)

Rep. Maxine Waters, despite ethics problems, already angling for Barney Frank's spot on House Financial Services committtee (Politico)

American Airlines files for bankruptcy (USA Today)

Jon Huntsman releases financial reform plan (JonHuntsman)

Famous Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio expected to endorse Rick Perry in New Hampshire today (The Huffington Post)

Herman Cain releases 9-9-9 video just as news of alleged 13-year affair comes out:

On the main site:

Barney's Bubble, by W. James Antle, III: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Congressman Frank.

Back to the 1930s, by Green Lantern: The Obama left revives the politics of a "low, dishonest decade."

A Harvard Fairy Tale About Romney and Obama, by Jeffrey Lord: Meet Alexander Heffner, a pro-Occupy student who targets the first and praises the latter in a false Harvard story.

Avoiding the Islamist Stigma, by Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi: Explaining Libya's surprising interim cabinet appointments.

Beyond Steven Brill, by William Murchison: Without good old-fashioned middle-class ideals, what good is school reform?

The Farmers' Silver Lining, by Peter Hannaford: Buying back land from recession-hit developers and turning it into exports.

I Me Mine: My Ten Favorite George Harrison Songs, by Aaron Goldstein: He died ten years ago today.

Entre Nous, Epstein Nails It Again, by Larry Thornberry: Don't tell anyone, but this bit of gossip can be confirmed.

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