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The Day Ahead: Monday, November 28

By on 11.28.11 | 5:50AM

President Obama will meet with high-ranking EU officials at the White House (Politico)

Obama's trip to Scranton later this week will be his 56th trip to a 2012 swing state -- most of those on the taxpayer's dime (Wall Street Journal)

A record $52 billion was spent at Black Friday sales (CNN Money)

Senate Democrats will introduce a bill to extend payroll tax cuts this week (CNN)

Syracuse University fires a basketball coach after allegations that he molested children (USA Today)

Grover Norquist defends himself on a Sunday show:

On the main site:

Newt Gingrich, Grownup, by Jed Babbin: Of the Republican Eight, he is best prepared to take a 3 a.m. call to the White House.

Newt's Health Problems, by David Catron: The malady is far more serious than a mere affinity for mandates.

Fathers and Sons and a Birthday, by Ben Stein: "Tommy & Me" takes on new meaning.

A 'Genocidal' Thanksgiving, by Mark Tooley: Once again, the Religious Left found itself in no mood to celebrate our national day of gratitude.

Last Protester Standing, by Gerald Nachman: It's going to be the next big thing on Occupy TV.

Grover Norquist Crushes Them, by G. Tracy Mehan, III: Bush tax cuts move to center stage and no one understands their political might better than the Democrats' favorite hate object.

Master of the Masters, by Roger Kaplan: With his win at London's O2, the great Federer puts paid to the proponents of Roger Declinism.

The Fix Was In, by John R. Coyne, Jr.: Conrad Black's greatest book yet.

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