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The Day Ahead: Wednesday, November 23

By on 11.23.11 | 5:16AM

President Obama will pardon the Thanksgiving turkey (Politico)

Obama will press for an extension of the payroll tax holiday (New York Times)

The possibility of the sequester's cuts taking effect has taken the Pentagon off-guard (New York Times)

The federal government has sued Utah over new immigration law (USA Today)

Mitt Romney will make a rare Des Moines campaign stop today (KCCI Des Moines)

60 second recap of last night's debate:

On the main site:

Newt Misses His Moment, by George Neumayr: He thinks "strategically" about everything except his own campaign.

Mitt, Newt, and the Greater Good, by Neal B. Freeman: A sober assessment of the good news in store.

Why We Should Give Thanks for the British Empire, by H. W. Crocker, III: On Thanksgiving Day, let's remember where our ideals of freedom and limited government came from.

The Bell Tolls for Obamacare, by Peter Ferrara: The key to the Supreme Court's upcoming ruling will be clear recognition of constitutional alternatives to Obamacare.

Forstmann, The Big-Hearted Prodigy, by R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.: Theodore Forstmann, RIP.

Obamacare Sequesters Your Flex Account, by John Berlau: How to minimize the damage from Obamacare's stealth tax hikes.

Another Reason for Giving Thanks, by Ron Ross: Back in 1900 life expectancy in the U.S. was below 50.

America's Good Losers, by Mark Tooley: Each of them not only could have been but was a contender. Thank you, C-Span.

Should Matt Kemp Have Won the NL MVP? by Ryan Young: Why Ryan Braun proved more valuable. 

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