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Thank You Grover Norquist: Amen

By on 11.22.11 | 12:06PM

The Wall Street Journal has penned a nice thank you to long-time pro-growth, low tax advocate Grover Norquist. Saying, in part, this:

Not to enhance this Beltway fable, but thank you, Mr. Norquist. By reminding Republicans of their antitax promises, he has helped to expose the real reason for the super committee's failure: the two parties disagree profoundly on a vision of government.

Well done. I first became acquainted with Grover, like so many others, in various Reagan battles.

Since that time Grover has made a point of carrying the Reagan low-tax, pro-growth agenda in the Washington trenches every single day. If you think Zuccotti Park is ugly, you have no idea what he has to endure day in and day out. Now he catches heat from the usual quarters furious that his message has carried the day in various Senate and House corners. To which I can only say, without Grover Norquist, his laser-like focus, and complete willingness to walk into the heat of the kitchen -- this battle against the socialization of America would be incredibly more difficult.

So here's to Grover.

And a real reason to offer thanks at Thanksgiving for someone's hard work that is paying off in multiples of ways.

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