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The Day Ahead: Monday, November 21

By on 11.21.11 | 5:59AM

The supercommittee is expected to announce this afternoon that it has failed (Washington Post)

Both parties hope to twist the supercommittee's failure to their advantage (Politico)

President Obama will sign bill creating tax breaks intended to spur hiring of veterans (Politico)

Michelle Obama was booed at a NASCAR event over the weekend (The Hill)

New York man charged with plotting to detonate pipe bombs in New York city was influenced by al-Awlaki (New York Times)

Newt Gingrich unloads both barrels on Occupy Wall Street:

On the main site:

Super Dud, by Jed Babbin: The supercommittee was bound to fail. Naturally, the Pentagon will be the fall guy.

The Democrats' Waving Hand, by Ross Kaminsky: Super committee failure is preferable to Republicans allowing their focus to drift from the only issue that matters -- government spending.

Heroes Forgotten, Lessons Unlearned, by Robert Stacy McCain: Protest mob's Marxist mentality conjures Cold War memories.

Split Personality, by W. James Antle, III: What the Republican divide over Social Security means for the future of entitlement reform.

Upon Further Review... by Gerald Nachman: How the media does love its monsters.

On the Road Again and Again and Again, by Ben Stein: Not bad except for the horror show in Philadelphia. Happily, there was Mr. Ostrander.

The Euro's Last Stand, by George H. Wittman: So much for eliminating Germany's potential for dominating Western Europe.

A Great and Wonderful Experiment, by Andrew Roberts: H.W. Crocker III's politically correct homage to the British Empire. 

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