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Thoughts on Natalie Wood

By on 11.20.11 | 6:59PM

With much fanfare, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's office reopened its investigation on Friday into the 1981 drowning of actress Natalie Wood.

I still remember hearing about Wood's disappearance and eventual demise on CBC Radio. At the time, I wasn't familiar with her movies but I did remember her from a TV commercial which aired shortly before her death and I have never forgotten her face.

I have a feeling that little will come from this investigation. Potential witnesses who may be interviewed are dealing with recollections from thirty years ago. Although forensic technology has advanced considerably, there is no guarantee any new information will come to light should investigators opt to exhume Wood's body.

As with most things Hollywood, we can expect a great deal of sensationalism and not a great deal of substance in this matter.

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