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The Henry VIIIth Ticket for the GOP

By on 11.19.11 | 2:00PM

Newt Gingrich is on the rise in the polls for the Republican presidential race.  He still seems an unlikely nominee--someone who views himself as the reincarnation of Winston Churchill and who happens to be as philosophically inconsistent as was Churchill.  You know, health insurance mandates are good; no, they are bad.  Fix Medicare; no, don't touch it.  Vote for all those tired old agriculture subsidies; no, reimagine America.  That sort of thing. 

His predilection to lecture the American people also is not a noted vote-getter.  But maybe that wouldn't be quite such a liability if he was running against Barack Obama, who lacks Bill Clinton's ability to connect with voters.  (The latter might have been a fraud, but he was such a good fraud!)

Still, the potential of a Gingrich nomination has led to speculation about who might be an appropriate running mate.  One of my friends--a sadly cynical fellow long active in New York Republican politics--has come up with the perfect choice.  Rudy Giuliani.

Think of it.  Gingrich-Giuliani.  As my friend puts it, it would be the Henry VIIIth ticket!  Just what you would expect when it comes to the Republican Party, whose leaders seem to have such a hard time living up to their rhetoric about morality.  Certainly a perfect choice for values voters ... .

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