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Only the Federal Government Could Define Pizza as a Vegetable

By on 11.18.11 | 1:04PM

Liberals are outraged that the House of Representatives scuttled an effort to improve school lunches by maintaining the definition of pizza as a vegetable under USDA guidelines. All credit for this absurdity goes to the giant frozen pizza makers, such as Con Agra and Schwann Food, who successfully lobbied to ensure the obesity of our schoolchildren. 

Of course, one wonders if this outcome could have been avoided if decisions about the suitability of dishes weren't up to the USDA. Maybe at least a few states would have been able to avoid defining pizza as a vegetable. And needless to say, the dynamics would be totally different if parents enjoyed school choice: that way they could decide for themselves whether they trusted a system that defines pizza as vegetables with their children's education, not to mention their nutrition. 

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