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The Day Ahead: Friday, November 18

By on 11.18.11 | 7:39AM

Congress passed a CR yesterday to keep the government running (CNN)

Herman Cain is the first GOP candidate to be given a Secret Service detail (Politico)

The House will vote on a balanced budget amendment this morning (Fox News)

President Obama is in Bali for a meeting of East Asian countries and Russia on security (Voice of America)

California Supreme Court rules that appeal of decision that struck down Prop. 8 can proceed (CNN)

Michele Bachmann attacks...all the other candidates:

On the main site:

$15 Trillion and Counting, by Ross Kaminsky: It can't go on forever so when will it stop?

A Rationing Advocate to Head Social Security Advisory Board? by David Catron: If Donald Berwick was a bad dream, Henry J. Aaron is a nightmare.

Confessions of a K Street Freeloader, by Thirsty McWormwood: There are better ways to sponge in D.C. than by hanging out in McPherson Square.

Revisionist History That Matters, by Tom Bethell: Herbert Hoover's long buried assessment of Franklin Roosevelt and "The Good War."

Can't Face Economic Reality, by Samuel Gregg: Europe refuses to address the root causes of its unending crisis.

Curiouser and Curiouser, by Roger Scruton: Gadgets have taken over our lives -- particularly among the young, who have no defenses against them.

Clapton and Marsalis Make 'Blues' a Joy, by Quin Hillyer: Fabulous musical collaboration in the CD of the year.

Ohio Rising, by Ned Ryun: Meet the folks who shot down Obamacare in Ohio earlier this month.

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