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Who Do the Youngs Think They Are?

By on 2.2.06 | 10:20AM

The ejections of Cindy Sheehan and Mrs. C.W. Bill Young (that's Beverly to Rep. Young) from the House chamber during the State of the Union Address has provoked a great deal of self-righteous chest-thumping, on the front page of the Post no less.

Such infantile behavior is expected from Mother Sheehan, as RET writes in his column today. But I expect more class from Republicans. Not the Congressman Young or his wife. She's still calling Terrance W. Gainer, Capitol Chief of Police, an "idiot." The Post reports that she had "saltier" words for him Tuesday night. Young is so kind as not to call for Gainer's head, but he wouldn't rule out legal action. What a gentleman.

Mrs. Young and Mrs. Sheehan broke the rules. Visitors to the galleries cannot put their feet up or chew gum without getting tossed. Rather than Gainer apologizing to the Youngs, the Youngs owe him an apology. Now, make it two apologies: one for breaking the rules, and another for acting like a classless, liberal protester when caught.

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