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The Day Ahead: Monday, November 7

By on 11.7.11 | 7:32AM

Iran is at the threshold of nuclear capability, according to authorities (Washington Post)

The U.S. has extended the drug war to other Latin American countries (New York Times)

Silvio Belusconi rejects calls to resign as prime minister (USA Today)

Greek prime minister George Papandreou to step down amid debt crisis (USA Today)

Is Newtmentum underway? (Business Insider)

Newt Gingrich: Obama is as honest as Bernie Madoff:

On the main site:

The Mob Who Came to Dinner, by Robert Stacy McCain: Eyewitness as Occupy DC attacks the Tea Party summit.

Cain Is Still Able, by W. James Antle, III: To hold onto conservative support, that is.

Blame Transfer Day, by John Berlau: The mainstream media gins up a campaign to shift blame for fees away from Obama, Durbin, and Dodd-Frank.

Sinking of the Euro-Titanic, by Jed Babbin: As the Eurozone collapses, the old continent's future will only become increasingly bleak.

Evangelicals Prepare For 2012, by Mark Tooley: With the now Soros-backed Religious Left angling for votes, will evangelicals stray from the Republican ticket?

Charlie Hebdo, Free Speech, and Islam, by Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi: French media have shown solidarity with the fire-bombed weekly. Less so the English-speaking press.

Farmers 1, Smelt 0 -- For Now, by Peter Hannaford: Enviros favor the lives of two-inch fish over the livelihood of farmers. A federal judge has finally told them: Enough!

Under Occupation Friday Night, by Laurel Buckley: An inside look from the Washington Convention Center under criminal attack last Friday night.

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