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Don’t Underestimate Cain

By on 11.3.11 | 9:36PM

I disagree with John Tabin's take on Herman Cain.

First, Tabin asserts "the more we learn, the more serious and credible the allegations appear to be." But as Jeff Lord points out there is no more substance to the allegations than there was 24 hours ago. We still have nothing but rumor and innuendo. We shouldn't be prepared to ruin a man's life, much less his political future, on the basis of thin air.

Second, if the die is cast then why hasn't it affected Herman Cain's poll numbers? According to Rasmussen, Cain maintains a three point lead over Mitt Romney in their latest national poll and has a ten point lead over Romney in the crucial primary state of South Carolina. I'm not saying those polls number can't change. After all, Newt Gingrich's numbers are ascending. But as of today it would be a mistake to write off Cain.

Third, the presidential election will take place in 370 days from now. While I don't discount the possibility President Obama could be re-elected I don't think his re-election is a foregone conclusion. Nor do I think Republicans "concede the general election in advance" should Republicans choose to nominate Cain. As the old adage goes, "A week in politics is a lifetime." Well, if a week in politics is a lifetime then a year from now is an eternity.

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