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PJ Media Cain Allegations Recanted; Cain Talks to Hannity

By on 11.3.11 | 5:34PM

PJ Media, as Robert Stacy McCain has reported below, has a story reporting that a woman found herself waking up in Cain's bed in his apartment.

Note: PJ Media has now added these corrections:

(CORRECTIONS: A previous version of this story mentioned that a source witnessed Cain and the woman entering a taxi together. This was incorrect.

The previous version also mentioned that the woman awoke in Cain's bed -- the source only claimed that the woman awoke in Cain's apartment.

The previous version incorrectly attributed comments from one source to the other source.)

In other words:

The source in question now says they did NOT see Herman Cain and this woman entering a taxi together.

The source in question now says that the story of the woman waking up in Herman Cain's bed is NOT correct and that the woman awoke NOT in his bed but in his apartment.

Which is to say this story and its sources are now unreliable in addition to being wrong.

Sean Hannity had Cain on for a full hour on his radio show today. He never shimmied.

One point: In the world of the Old Media this typical liberal media jihad would have succeeded. Why people bend to the narrative of the liberal media is beyond me. This is the 21st century. There's no need for it. Herman Cain is getting the chance to make his case thanks in part to interviews like the one today with Hannity. Rush is there to discuss. Levin is there. Fox is there. The New Media is here. Everybody in this new media world knows how the old media template works -- and there is no reason to play along.

So this latest twist has PJ Media coming out with a story and properly and quickly correcting when learning new facts.

We are back at Square One. Can we all get back to the issues now?

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