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Going Off the Rails on a Crazy Cain Train

By on 11.3.11 | 8:59AM

The twists and turns in Herman Cain's latest misadventure are too many too follow, at this point, unless it's your full-time job. Erick Erickson's summary, however, more or less captures the state of affairs. 

It boils down to this: either Cain has failed abysmally to fend off an utterly predictable line of attack, or he's done something wrong that would endanger his campaign if it became known.

I think the first possibility is more likely. This wouldn't be the first time the Cain campaign has inexplicably committed a major unforced error. Remember that it was less than two weeks ago that Cain was accidentally espousing a pro-choice position (a gross miscommunication that was never fully clarified, by the way). But the sooner Cain clears this up, the better. 

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