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Corzine as Progressive Hero

By on 11.2.11 | 2:50PM

Even in the midst of his serial failures, Jon Corzine was regarded as a progressive hero. Dave Freddoso flags a 2008 article from the hard-left Nation magazine hailing Corzine as a model for liberal officeholders: 

It is rare that someone with Corzine's record even gets on a list of prospective Treasury officials.

Corzine may or may not be the perfect pick. But the fact that he is being considered is one more sign that a change -- maybe even a "change we can believe in" -- is coming to Washington.

After all, when was the last time that a potential nominee for the Treasury post was being talked up by the head of the Service Employees International Union. On Thursday, Andy Stern told reporters he thought the governor's strong economic credentials and government experience make Corzine an appealing prospect. Stern's right.

Of course the key here is that even though Corzine has brought disaster in his wake, he has gained enormous wealth for himself and a select few. 

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