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The Day Ahead: Friday, October 28

By on 10.28.11 | 8:53AM

President Obama raises millions from lobbyists for his reelection, circumventing campaign promise not to (New York Times)

House of Representatives passes bill on tax withholding that Obama favors (New York Times)

Support for Obamacare reaches a new low in new poll (ABC News)

Today could be decisive for NBA lockout (Yahoo)

Gary Johnson scrambles to make New Hampshire ballot, something his campaign apparently neglected (L.A. Times)

Obama had dinner last night at Liberty Tavern in Arlington, a frequent Spectator hangout (NBC)

Peter Schiff goes to Occupy Wall Street, takes on all comers (civilly):

On the main site:

Herman Cain Sails Into Uncharted Seas, by Robert Stacy McCain: The Tea Party favorite continues to defy the experts.

Religion Flocks to Wall Street, by Mark Tooley: The Occupy movement is enjoying predictable if unsolicited support from religious believers in government redistribution and social resentments.

Welcome Back, Scooter, by Quin Hillyer: GOP candidates need schooling in foreign affairs.

Why Liberals Love Halloween, by Windsor Mann: Not that sugar candy makes them any sweeter.

The Answer Is a Balanced Budget Amendment, by Steven G. Calabresi: The question is how to solve our problem of unsustainable debt.

The Lion Still Roars at Night, by George H. Wittman: Little has changed in South Africa since Nelson Mandela's historic election -- and political turmoil is growing.

China's Morally Hollow Economy, by Samuel Gregg: It's setting off open discussion and concern about Chinese realities that Communism and blind commitment to economic growth are powerless to address.

The British Riots: An Object Lesson, by Tom Bethell: Compassionate conservatism was no match for last's August outbreak.

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