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The Day Ahead: Thursday, October 27

By on 10.27.11 | 7:59AM

Europe has hashed out the basics of a plan to rescue the Euro (New York Times)

President Obama is having dinner with campaign donors who won the opportunity to eat with him (Poltico)

Democratic supercommitte members present their opening bid: $3 trillion of deficit reduction, with $1 trillion on tax hikes (The Hill)

Hillary Clinton will testify before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Iraq and Afghanistan (New York Times)

Romney is ahead of the Republican pack in four early primary states, according to a new poll (CNN)

Rep. Paul Ryan's speech on Obama's divisive politics yesterday:

On the main site:

Cautious, Clever, and Stumbling, by George Neumayr: Romney, Cain, and Perry play to type this week -- though the real star was a clown named Touré.

Living in the Roe v. Wade World, by Joseph Lawler: Pace David Frum, pro-lifers have no choice but to wage all-out cultural war, thanks to the Supreme Court.

Those Demonstrators in the Park, by R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.: The Taranto Principle is back in action, as Democrats once again go too far for their own good.

Bumper Sticker Compassion, by William Murchison: From Scrooge McDuck to Warren Buffett, the capitalist conscience has come a long way.

Failing the Screen Test, by Christopher Orlet: Drug testing only welfare moms is unfair

Silencing Critics for Obama, by Robert M. Goldberg: With their "unity"pledge, prominent Jewish leaders are trying to save Obama from the consequences of his Israel policy.

Ohio's Issue Initiatives, by Matt Naugle: Obamacare will be judged by voters on November 8, its last stop before reaching the Supreme Court.

My Kind of Court Awareness, by Jeremy Lott: A movie about women's basketball -- hold the feminism.

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