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The Day Ahead: Wednesday, October 26

By on 10.26.11 | 6:44AM

President Obama will stop at the University of Colorado and tout the student loan initiative he'll unveil today (Politico)

Rep. Paul Ryan will give a speech at the Heritage Foundation strongly criticizing Obama for practicing divisive politics (CNN)

Ron Paul has spent $1 million on chartered flights (ABC News)

Police arrest unruly Occupy Wall Street Protesters in Oakland and Georgia (CNN)

EU finance ministers will hold a summit to negotiate the details of a possible bailout package (Wall Street Journal)

Michael Moore refuses to admit that he's in the '1 percent':

On the main site:

Teachers' Union Fat Cats, by RiShawn Biddle: They're in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, which actually should be camping out in front of their offices.

Cain's Abortion Libertarianism, by Ross Kaminsky: Is it his problem? Or does it reflect something else about the GOP?

Obama's Regulatory Excess and Abuse, by Peter Ferrara: It's been a cynical, radical transformation -- as now chronicled in the aptly titled Democracy Denied.

Britain's Aid Disease, by Hal G.P. Colebatch: A country that can no longer defend itself is happy to provide millions in foreign aid to the world's worst tyrants.

Occupational Therapy, by Lisa Fabrizio: It's been a short road from Woodstock to Zuccatti Park.

The Life and Times of a Well-Spoken Speaker, by Aram Bakshian, Jr.: Thomas Reed was a great and honorable House speaker -- and he killed the filiibuster.

The Way, by James Bowman: It's not exactly a religious pilgrimage, but it does treat religion with a certain respect.

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