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Maybe Perry Should Just Do a Pawlenty

By on 10.25.11 | 5:29PM

Jennifer Rubin has a bracing analysis of the state of the GOP race, here. Her biggest point is that Rick Perry again stepped all over himself, and that his candidacy is imploding before our eyes. (Hmmm.... if he drops out, that releases Jindal to run, doesn't it?) Maybe he should read the Tea (Party) leaves like Tim Pawlenty did, and vamoose. Rubin also noted Herman Cain's continuing gaffes, along with Mitt Romney's oh-so-Romney-like refusal to take a stand on Ohio Gov. John Kasich's labor (anti-union boss) initiative today. Does Romney actually ever believe in anything other than his own "viaibility"?  Jeesh!!!

Anyway, again, Jennifer is well worth reading.

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