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Jindal’s Accomplishments

By on 10.24.11 | 9:08AM

National Review's Jim Geraghty checked in on Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal's progress as he cruised, effectively unopposed, to reelection. The short story is that Jindal is doing very well.

Such is Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal's record that almost no one in the Bayou State wants to challenge it. Somehow, his achievements have triggered a complete implosion of Democratic gubernatorial ambitions in a state that has had four Republican governors in 125 years, and that's including Buddy Roemer, who was elected as a Democrat but switched parties while in office.

Geraghty doesn't give the reader too much of a sense of Jindal's weaknesses or his personality (beyond his "over-caffeinated" appearance and penchant for reeling off statistics about his programs), but mostly just details Jindal's impressive accomplishments:

Jindal's record has been exemplary: transforming the state's reputation on ethics and corruption, enacting dramatic cuts in spending without provoking much public outcry, implementing careful reforms to Louisiana's unique traditional methods of providing health care, creating jobs, overhauling the state's schools, and, finally, knowing how to deal with crises.

The last item has been especially important in enabling Jindal to turn Louisiana from, at best, a purple state to a solid red state. Read the whole story.

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