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UN Wants to Probe Gaddafi’s Death

By on 10.21.11 | 10:23AM

The Office for the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights is calling for a probe of Colonel Gaddafi's death.

Now it's true there is a UN human rights probe underway with regard to allegations of torture committed on the part of the former Gaddafi regime. However, an investigation into Gaddafi's death might become part of the current investigation. This illustrates that the UN makes no distinction between the victims of human rights violations and those who commit them.

That the UN would want to probe Gaddafi's death should come as no surprise. After all, Libya won a seat on the UN Human Rights Council in 2010 and prior to its suspension earlier this year was about to be praised by that same body for its human rights record. As I wrote back in March, "The UN and human rights simply don't mix."

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