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Gaddafi Captured or Killed

By on 10.20.11 | 8:56AM

Unconfirmed reports this morning are stating that Libya's terrorist dictator, Col. Muammar Gaddafi, has been killed as the Libyan revolution overtook his home town of Sirte.

Reports remain sketchy as Gaddafi was first reported wounded and captured, which was then changed to killed.

The claims of his capture initially included his having been found in a whole in the ground and "wounded in both legs" in the process of being taken.

Later, however, spokesmen changed the story to suggest that Gaddafi had been shot in the head, and that his body is being taken to a secret location.

It makes one wonder whether both are true (captured and dead) in the sense that someone did not want the country to go through a prolonged trial, with the counter-revolution it might cause to fester. Thus, captured turned into dead.

We'll surely learn more in coming hours. Gaddafi's immediate death would be the best outcome, capture second-best. What Libya does not need is for this story to be entirely untrue, something which would not be too surprising given the many other erroneous reports about Gaddafi earlier in the Libyan revolution.

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