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Biden Suggests a Vote Against Jobs Bill Is a Vote for Rape

By on 10.19.11 | 5:26PM

Vice President Joe Biden at a Philadelphia event yesterday, responded to Republicans' criticisms that the president's job bill would only be a 'temporary' response to the recession. Via Hot Air

"I wish these guys who thought it was temporary, I wish they had some notion of what it was like to be on the other side of a gun, or [to have] a 200-pound man standing over you, telling you to submit," Biden told a crowd at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia on Tuesday, adding, "Folks, it matter, it matters."


"The other thing I've hear from my friends who oppose this - this whole jobs bill - [is] that this is just temporary," Biden said.

"Well let me tell you, it's not temporary when that 911 call comes in and a woman's being raped, if a cop shows up in time to prevent the rape. It's not temporary to that woman," said Biden.  "It's not temporary to the guy whose store is being held up and there's a gun pointed at his head, if a cop shows up and he's not killed. That's not temporary to that store owner. Give me a break! Temporary. "

Two responses. First, this is supposed to be a "jobs bill." What do robbery and rape have to do with jobs? 

Second, if municipalities can't afford to pay cops, local officials are at fault. Congressional Republicans, who represent taxpayers from all over the country, bear none of the blame. It's that simple. 

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