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Wayne Newton, Your Warm-Up Act Is Done

By on 10.19.11 | 12:19PM

If there are to be more Republican presidential candidate debates, it's clearly time to cull the herd.  

After sparing us for one debate, Rick Perry reprised his bitchy wife shtick in Las Vegas last night with a baseless harangue that Mitt Romney hired illegal aliens to trim his hedges. Rick Santorum once again did his two-year-old-having-a-tantrum impersonation. And poor Michelle Bachman is looking more and more like the news confused Emily Litella, the frumpy character played by Gilda Radner on Saturday Night Live. ("What's all this about saving Soviet jewelry"?) It's time voters said "Never mind" to Michelle and allow her to return to being a good congresswoman for Minnesota.

Jon Hunstman wasn't with the show last night, handing out some self-serving statement about how Nevada was messing up the primary sequence so he couldn't sully himself by appearing there. Show of hands of those who missed him…. I thought so. Me neither.

The debates have been lively this year, and as a result have gotten good ratings. But listening to supernumeraries like Santorum and Bachmann just takes time away from the candidates who know a thing or two and have a chance at the nomination. And they say embarrassing stuff.

Newt got in a few more zingers again last night. He probably has no shot at the nomination. But he's done well in the debates, saying insightful things in a pithy and amusing way. Perhaps there should be a special ground rule for this election cycle, to wit: no matter who wins the presidential nomination, Newt gets to debate Barack O'Barnum. Now that would be fun.

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