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The Day Ahead: Wednesday, October 19

By on 10.19.11 | 7:46AM

I'm excited to be back from vacation, and I'd like to thank Kevin Glass for his excellent blogging over the past week. On to the news:

President Obama will conclude his non-political political bus tour promoting his jobs bill today in Virginia, making an appearance with Michelle in Hampton (Politico)

Vice President Biden will rally with Senate Democrats at the Capitol for the jobs bill (New York Times)

Non-news: the defict supercommittee is nowhere near making a deal as the deadline approaches (New York Times)

Occupy Wall Street to get some celebrity newcomers (CNN)

Hillary Clinton is in day two of an unannounced trip to Libya (CNN)

Apple to shut certain stores today as a memorial for former CEO Steve Jobs (Reuters)

The World Series kicks off tonight with game one between the Cardinals and the Rangers (ESPN)

Last night's debate in 100 seconds:

On the main site:

Cain the Contender, by Robert Stacy McCain The Vegas debate marks a turning point in the campaign.

Nothing But a Political Ploy, by Peter Ferrara: His jobs plan is all about how stupid he thinks you -- and the Republicans -- are.

Assessing Bahrain, by Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamim: The United States has its interests to protect. But it's not being hypocritical about it.

The Great Seducers, by Joseph A. Harriss: In France their game is about life, not sex.

A Season of Rejoicing, by Robert M. Goldberg: Galid Shalit is finally back among this people.

Visible Projects, Hidden Destruction, by Ralph R. Reiland: The real cost of government efforts at job creation.

Return to Grace, by Jonathan Aitken: Tim Goeglein, President George W. Bush's prodigal aide, has found redemption.

Left to Pass -- Please! by Eric Peters: Left lanes are the high speed lanes -- why is that so difficult to remember?

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