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Apples, Oranges & 9-9-9

By on 10.18.11 | 8:46PM

Well, the debate unsurprisingly starts out with a critique of Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan.

What's interesting is how the other candidates seemed to be befriending Cain as they criticize 9-9-9. Rick Santorum praised Cain for being "well-meaning" and 9-9-9 for its "boldness." Rick Perry tells Cain, "I love ya brother," while Mitt Romney tells Cain he has "chutzpah." Newt Gingrich outdid them all by telling Cain you "deserve a lot of credit" for raising the issue.

Yet for all their criticisms none of them save for Gingrich offer anything resembling an alternative. All Romney and Perry did was talk about state taxes. Romney and Perry were talking about apples as Cain was talking about oranges. With or without 9-9-9, there will be a sales tax in Massachusetts. Cain came out of this exchange standing tall.

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